about cansoom


Driven by compassion and inspired by wellness, Cansoom is a trusted network of licensed medical professionals  that advise consumers about safe cannabis consumption.

Our motivation comes largely from the fact that nearly 1.9 million North Americans legally use cannabis to manage a medical condition and our founder, Lolita Korneagay, was one of them.

Lolita was diagnosed with multiple medical issues that caused severe pain that left her bedridden and unable to live a full functional life. Faced with taking large amounts of pharmaceutical drugs, she turned to alternative options. Cannabis was the only thing that relieved her pain and provided relief. 

However, even as a Registered Nurse, it was hard for her to know which strain of cannabis to use and how to use it safely.  After much research, she was able to create a cannabis treatment plan that worked for her. But there are millions of people who need help with learning how to safely use cannabis to improve their lives. 

The mission of Cansoom is to connect consumers with medical cannabis consultants™ to make cannabis consumption easy  for everyone. 

We carefully screen our Medical Cannabis Consultants™ to ensure that each person is a licensed medical professional and will represent the Cansoom brand effectively. 

We exist to empower lives and pave the way for safer, pleasurable and more effective wellness that's accessible to all.