Cansoom FOunder - Lolita Korneagay, RN, BSN, MBA

Lolita Korneagay RN - Founder of Cansoom

Lolita is a Registered Nurse with over 14 years of experience in various healthcare settings. Lolita is the founder of Cansoom, a trusted network of licensed medical professionals that advise consumers about healthy cannabis consumption.  She is also the first person to write a cannabis educational book for nurses, The Medical Cannabis Consultant's Handbook, and has also published a cannabis consumption journal for consumers.

 Lolita became a cannabis consumer and advocate when she was diagnosed with multiple painful medical conditions that affected her quality of life. Faced with taking large amounts of pharmaceutical drugs, she turned to cannabis which was the only thing that relieved her pain and provided relief.

However, even as a Registered Nurse, it was hard for her to know which strain of cannabis to use and how to use it safely.  After much research, she was able to create a cannabis treatment plan that worked for her. Knowing that there are millions of people who need help with learning how to safely use cannabis to improve their lives, Lolita is using her personal experience and medical background to help people who are in the same place she was in so many years ago.

 In 2017, Lolita founded Cansoom and developed the most comprehensive, in-person Medical Cannabis Consultant training program for licensed medical professionals. Cansoom's mission is to connect consumers with Medical Cannabis Consultants to make cannabis consumption easy and acceptable for everyone.  The Cansoom platform contains an online searchable directory of licensed medical professionals and makes it easy for consumers to find and connect with the right consultant.

Through her hard work and research, Lolita has made cannabis consumption safe for those who need it to cope with medical issues while also giving medical professionals the opportunity to learn about healthy cannabis consumption, own their own business, and become cannabis advocates.